Friends are some of the most important people in our lives. There are 2 types of friends-good friends and bad friends. The good friends always stand up for you and protect you when you are having a hard time. The bad friends on the other hand will always speak to you, have a good time but when you are in a bad situation they will leave you.

I have loads of friends but my best friend is Karen (it is a boy’s name in my country). He is a good friend, a loyal and trustworthy. We always visit each other, hang out, play and so on. Here he is.Karen

This good man has got me out of many hard situations. He is a brave person and always stands up for me when I am in a bad situation. Once he kinda saved my life. When he and I went out to play in the snow in winter, I accidentally slipped on the ice, I could not speak and I was dying from horrible pain when he quickly reacted and called my grandfather to help. Earlier, I had got a back injury from gymnastics, which is why that is why it really hurt.

So this is an example of the types of friends you want to be around with.

Hope you enjoyed the article. Byyye.


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