Last summer my family and I went to Khalkidiki in Greece. We stayed at the Palini Beech hotel and had a really fun time. 

The first thing we did in the morning was to have breakfast. There was all sorts of stuff for breakfast but I usually drank milk with serial. Then it was beach time. The sun would rise in the sky and it was the perfect time to swim in the sea. The sea was not really deep. The water was light blue so it made it more comfortable and enjoyable to swim.   As if swimming in the sea for 2 hours was’t enough we went to the pool near the hotel to swim even more. Near the pool there was an ice-cream shop so I ate ice-cream every single day.

With a belly full of delicious ice-cream my family and I went to the hotel room to have a little rest. We resting for 1 and a half hours, afterwords it  was competition time near the pool. Our hotel organized some competitions for the guests to have a little bit of fun time. There were volleyball matches, football matches, darts and so on. I would be very exhausted from playing volleyball so I  would have dinner where I had the food that everybody likes-french fries.

I had a great time eating and an even better time playing basketball and table tennis.

That’s what we did in Khalkidiki every day for 2 weeks. Our whole family had a great time and came back to Armenia in a good mood.

Hope you enjoyed reading and see you later.

P.S. I just wanted to give a shout out to my classmate Alice who is a blogger too. Google aliceelizesisters and click on whichever link you want to. She is an awesome blogger so check her out.



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