In our schools we are taught lessons by our teachers. We all have teachers that we just love and respect, but let’s face it, we all have teachers that we don’t like because they always are not fair with their markings. We all think that the student some teacher is giving good marks to is some kind of a relative to the student. Sometimes we all get angry at those teachers and rage out of control. I have quiet a few of teachers like that and I get angry with them, when they are unfair to me. But you know what I do? I just ignore them! All I want to say is that even if you have those kind of teachers, try not to think negatively. So I guess what I am saying is think of it this way when you don’t get good marks from the teachers even if you do something well but if some other student does something badly, they get good marks, the only one who is lying him or herself is the student that gets good grades. Think that it is good that you do something well and you know it, besides when it comes to the time when you need to enter a university there are no relatives so your work will show at that time.

Think about this carefully and let me have your ideas on what other things can be done in these situations.



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