Fun times in L.A.

In case you didn’t know I live in Armenia which is a very small country near Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

.Map of Armenia

I love my country. Armenia is a country with a long and rich country, it is where I was born. I live here with my grandparents. My mom has been studying at M.I.T. in Boston since August 2015. My uncle has has been living in L.A. since like 2009. Because my mom and uncle left the country I had to stay with my grandparents. So because our family was torn apart for a family reunion we decided to meet at L.A.

Map of Los Angeles, CA, USA

It was a long and exhausting trip from Armenia to LA. First of all we traveled 3 hours by plane to Moscow and stayed there for 2 hours. The flight from Moscow last for 12 hours, yes, count, it 12 hours! At least it was worth it at the end.

L.A. is a very beautiful city which consists of many many smaller cities. Besides meeting my whole family I met my other 2 best friends who moved from Armenia several years ago.They are Marat

and Jean

They are awesome friends and I used to meet them every day in L.A. We visited each other, went to some parks to play together and so on. Here is us all together.

But the most fun part of all was us going to Trampoline Park. If you don’t know what Trampoline Park is, it’s basically a huge room with trampolines all over it. There were places there where we could do basketball dunks, jump into soft cubes and so on, it was the most wonderful day for all of us, all though the next day our muscles weren’t in a good shape after jumping for a whole hour. Here are some pictures to give you some imagination of Trampoline Park.


In L.A. there are a bunch of fast food companies that Armenia doesn’t have like McDonald’s, Subway, In N Out so it was very nice trying out those.

In Americana which is a square in L.A. there was the famous book store Barnes and Nobles.I picked up a few interesting books from there and read them with full joy.

I don’t know about my grandparents who were in L.A. the first time, but personally I loved L.A. We stayed there for a month and were very happy and we loved every minute of it.







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  1. Haylee says:

    Hello Manvel – you asked if I’d have a look at your blog from the Community Pool so here I am!
    Firstly, I would have never known you were only 12 – you are incredibly articulate in the way you write which makes it a pleasure to read.
    However, being the worried older lady that I am, please remember to stay safe whilst using your blog and be careful who you accept as a follower (don’t give out personal information!!) But you seem very intelligent so I’m sure you know all this already.
    As for your posts – I enjoy that they are a collection of diary type entries, quizzes and lists (lists are very popular). I chose to write on this post as it has more photos – these really help to add to posts and break up the text (they don’t have to always be of yourself or your friends, safety first!)
    I would possibly paragraph your posts more, some people are put off reading blocks of texts and if you want to reach a wider audience, use tags in your posts. For example in this post you might use friends, family, LA, personal, community and travel. And ‘new blog’ is very helpful when you’re starting out.
    Using these mean the post will show up in Reader if people search for those subjects.
    Content is good though, so keep that up. I hope that has helped and hope you continue to enjoy your family time in LA. 🙂


    1. aboutmanvel says:

      Thank you for the attention, will definitely use your suggestions!

      Liked by 1 person

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