Smoking is a very addictive thing to do in our world these days.

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It is very dangerous and can cause cancer, and there is a 1% chance of you giving  up smoking once you have started. Many people these days think “I will just try it once,see what it’s like and snap out of it, whats could possibly go wrong” and then they can’t stop smoking.

Almost 1 billion people smoke tobacco (a  substance that goes into the cigarette) and 5 million of them die every year! More than 430000 people die every year in the U.S. from smoking. Damn that’s a lot of people. The countries with the lowest percentage of adults smoking are-1.Sweden 14.5% 2.The U.S. 15.5% 3.Australia 16.6% 4. New Zealand 18.1% 5. Canada 18.4%. The most smoking countries are-1.Greece 34.7 2. Bulgaria 31.5% 3. Kiribati 31.3%4.Austria 28.3%. So if you are a heavy smoker then there is a good chance of you dying young.

All I am saying is quit smoking people, just get out of the hypnosis or else the consequences  can be very serious.



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