Homework is the thing that you are given in school to do at home. It’s basically a bunch of exercises you have to write in your notebook or something you need to learn to retell to the teacher. Sometimes homework can be very annoying and tiring. There are teachers that give loads of homework and don’t even think that there are other teachers who give homework too. But there are teachers who give a tiny bit of homework just so you can remember the things you learned in the lesson.

 We need to do homework so we can remember something we learned that day at school. Here, at Armenia we get not that much homework, though there are days, where you need to do homework till late night. This happens quite often, but I deal with it well. There are students who never do homework and cry every time they get a low mark for that. There are also students who do homework perfectly every time. Remember Alice from my older blogs? She is one of them. Her homework is perfectly neat, and that’s one of the reasons she is an excellent student.

Most of us hate doing homework, but it has to be done for the greater good.


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