We all love going to parties or having one. In parties, some people gather in a place, talk to each other, dance and have a fun time.

There are some people who make incredible parties, but there are also people who make lame parties where nobody has fun. Now, I will give you some tips which may make your parties a bit more interesting.

  1. The first thing you wanna have in your party is people. Don’t invite too many people to your party (unless the place you are partying in is very big). Decide on the perfect number of people that won’t crowd the place you are having a party in. If there are too many people, there won’t be any room for them to move around.
  2. No music=no party, so always include music in your parties. DO NOT play the songs that only you like, play songs that are famous and inspire everyone.
  3. During all this action people are going to get hungry, so always, and I repeat always have food in your party. Put the food on the table so that if someone gets peckish, they can help themselves. At the party, you mostly wanna have the top tier stuff like crisps, chicken nuggets, french fries, Coca Cola and so on.
  4. This one, is one of the most important things you want to do to have a good party. Never make a plan for the party. Let things take their course, let everyone do what they want.

Hope this tips help you and I will catch you in the week.


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