How I spent last week

Hi everyone, hope you are having a wonderful week. Actually, talking about weeks, today I will tell you how I spent mine.

In case you didn’t know I,m 12 years old, which means I go to middle school.  This is my school from the outside.

Picture taken from

I love my school; I have loads of friends and lots of good teachers.

Last Monday, the subject firstly started with Armenian History (one of my favorite subjects). Our teacher for this subject is fantastic; she always describes and explains things in a funny way so that everybody understands, which is why she is one of the most liked teachers in our school. The day continued with science ( also one of my most liked subjects). Then it was time for Russian language (one of my favorite teachers teaches this lesson).

Every Monday and Friday passes normally and quietly, until the bell after the 3rd lesson rings. OH man, everybody gets crazy at this time. You wanna know why? Because it,s time for P.E.Compared to other countries where kids play football/soccer, basketball, volleyball and else, our P.E. is a bit backward. First of all we change into our uniforms in the dressing room which takes about 5 minutes, afterwords we stretch our bodies (10 minutes), then we either have a running race or we do long jumps (10 minutes). After doing all of this we play either dodgeball with different rules or we play basketball, with no rules. Each lesson is 45 minutes long so there are 5 minutes still left, which is just enough time to get back into the school uniform. The 5th class is Maths, which is both my favorite subject and is taught by my favorite teacher. And the last subject of the day is Armenian which we are taught by our classroom teacher. Apart from the fact that she is gorgeous, she’s also extremely knowledgeable in her subject and a real master of our language.

Every other day is similar to this one, only with other subjects and other teachers. I am not going to bother talking about the other days lest you get bored.

But on Friday my Russian teacher recommended me to read the book called The Adventure of the Speckled Band. She mentioned that it was a detective story, so when I got home I instantly opened the book on the internet and started reading it. I managed to finish the book on Saturday and it was the most interesting book I had ever read. Definitely suggest you read it.

On Saturday I went to school, as we had our holidays extended because of viruses, and we have to catch up non-stop until the end of April. At the moment some of us go to school every Saturday in order to make up for the lost time in January, which is why everybody is fed up and can’t wait till the end of April.

On Sunday  my family and I usually go out to cafes or other places.

This is how I spent my last week, hope you enjoyed reading the blog and I will see you during the week.



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  1. Hi Manvel, great post, I have actually posted one today too, and I think it’s worth to check out, an there is a surprise for you there too!


    1. aboutmanvel says:

      Congrats on your first 2016 blog, I really wanted to see this coming, after all I waited for more than half a year for a blog, keep it up, I wanna see mooooooore. Anyways, nice blog, looks like you have put some hard work in this. Have a nice day and I will hopefully see you tomorrow.


    2. aboutmanvel says:

      Alice I want you to teach me how to put a background picture to my page, I know that our themes are different but I think the way to do it is almost the same, if you have time send me the steps to do it.


      1. Ok here are the steps.
        1. Go to your blog editing page.That’s the page that first shows up when you log in.
        2. Click on “My Site”
        3. Click “Customize”
        4. Click “Background image”
        5. Choose the image you want to have as your background, by clicking “insert”, and then “upload files”.
        5. Click “publish”
        SIDENOTE: You can change other things like fonts or colors there.
        NOTE: This worked for my theme (Matala), but it may be different for you. I personally haven’t tried it on your theme, so I don’t know if it will work, but give it a try!


      2. aboutmanvel says:

        I will try it later, thanks for the tips though


      3. aboutmanvel says:

        Thanks for the help, it worked, the next thing I wanna ask is if I can change the background of my certain blog.


      4. No, you can’t because WordPress does not allow you to do that


      5. aboutmanvel says:

        another question Alice, can you yell me how to put a totally different picture to the blog so people can see it up on your arctictle


      6. Yes I can
        1. Go to your blog editing page.
        2. Click on “header image”
        3. Choose files from your “media library” on WordPress or add new ones by clicking on “add new” and then click on “Upload files”.
        4. Choose the file you want and then click “insert”
        5. Publish your post and you’re done!


      7. aboutmanvel says:

        Alice I have done a new blog, better check it out, it will be interesting to you.


      8. aboutmanvel says:

        Alice if you have time answer my logical questions, you have time till Thursday


    3. aboutmanvel says:

      Alice Naneh will teach me how to post videos on youtube, soo I will be doing videooos, I think she will only teach me the very basic things, like how to post a video and how to do cut offs in the video, if you know how to do special affects in videos and so on, than tell me about that tomorrow too.


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