The armenian genocide

Yesterday, on April 24, was genocide memorial day in Armenia. April 24th was the day that Armenians chose to symbolize all the mass killings of Armenians that started at the end of the 19th century and carried on throughout the 1st world war. The number of victims is estimated at between 800,000 and 1.5 million. That is like 1/3 of the living people in the country at that time. The starting date is conventionally held to be 24 April 1915, the day Ottoman authorities rounded up, arrested, and deported some 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders from Constantinople to Ankara, the majority of whom were eventually murdered. These days were the most humiliating for Armenia. These days more than 1.5 million people suffered by Turkish hands. Turkey took many important cities from the Armenians, such as Khars, Tigranakert and so on. They conquered and took the most important thing for the Armenians. It was Mountain Ararat or Masis (5137 m or 16854 f) and Sis (3896 m or 12782 f).

They pretty much robbed everything. Why did they do all this? Nobody knows. Maybe cause they were cruel and mean.

Tsitsernakaberd-Is Armenia‘s official memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, built in 1967 on the hill of Tsitsernakaberd.   Every year on April 24—the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day—thousands ofArmenians gather at the memorial to commemorate the victims of the genocide. The people who gather in Tsiternakaberd lay fresh flowers out of respect for all the people who died in the Armenian genocide. Over the years, a wide range of politicians, artists, musician, athletes, and religious figures have visited the memorial.

There are some countries that recognized and accepted Armenian Genocide and there are some who didn’t like TURKEY. Ok, let’s have an analyze of what they did. They killed 1.5 million people, then stole most of the countries land, and then they say that they haven’t done it. They do all this because if they accept the genocide then they will have to give the land back. They are greedy. They are not satisfied with the 814,578 km square land they have, they even want more.

As of 2015, governments and parliaments of 29 countries, including Russia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Canada, as well as 44 states of the United States of America, have recognized the events as a genocide. The governments of Turkey and Azerbaijan are the only ones that directly deny the historical factuality of the Armenian Genocide.

Until 2016, GOD hasn’t done anything to Turkey as bad as they have done to us. It’s ok, karma will get them some day.

Thanks for reading my blog and I will speak to you next time.


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  1. Hi Manvel Happy Birthday again. I just read your blog, and, wow, I learnt so much I did not know before. It’s obvious that a lot of work went into this. And you literally read my mind. I visited Tsitsernakaberd in Sunday. Last time I visited it was with my grandpa, almost 5 years ago, and I really wanted to refresh the memories I had from there. I was really inspired by what I saw there and wanted to write a blog on it and post it on Friday, but you did it earlier than I did. So, since both of us are writing about the Genocide, let’s do a collaboration . I will link to you at the end of my post, and mention that it is a collab, and I think you’ll do it too. What do you think?
    P.S. Bad news, it is going to RAIN this Saturday


    1. aboutmanvel says:

      It did not rain, haha, what do you mean by collaboration?


    1. aboutmanvel says:

      Thanks, gonna definitely use that.


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