Free from school

In Armenia from the date of September the 1st all the kids who go to school start to suffer from the deadly conquering by the worlds most cruel thing-homework. Well, at least when you are in the 6th grade OR MORE. All of us, pupils do homework everyday until the end of May. Oh thank GOD we have holidays! Though they still are not enough for me. I want more. Every day except the weekends for pupils for the most part are the same.

  • Wake up
  • Clean your room
  • Do morning exercises
  • Have breakfast
  • Go to school
  • Study 😦 😦
  • Come back home
  • Do homework

After all this some kids go to sports, some play music and so on. But when the school year ends , it is pretty much the happiest day of all, though I often miss school in summer. During the holidays some families choose to travel, others stay in their cities. When school year is over you are given the picture and the overall grades. The thing I like the most is when I analyse the class picture. There is always a person who messed up in the picture, no doubt. One thing that every pupil likes is when their parents praise you because you behaved well during the year or had very good grades.

End of the school year is also great because you can finally get a relief from the pupils you don’t like, the ones that you really don’t like listening to or seeing. If you didn’t get about which ones I am talking about, then here are some examples.

  1. The time robber-When you have a break you always have some thoughts in your mind, like talking to a friend about something, just having a little walk in the hall or something else. Well guess what, you can forget about these thoughts right now, because this guys robs your time. These people always come up to you and talk about things you don’t want to listen to or you are not interested in. The problem is you can’t say that you are not interested in his story and don’t wanna listen to it, because they will get offended and that will effect his friendship with you, and remember, it’s not good to lose friends.  But there are people that tell you those same stories in a better and more interesting way, so you can have fun listening to them. But the time robbers tell every story in a not interesting way, and by the time they are done, they start another one. And by the time they are all done, the break is over.
  2. The boaster-This guy is so annoying, that you just want to kill him. He always tells not true stories where he is the coolest, the best and the main character of the scene. If he doesn’t tell untrue stories, then he will always boast over every little thing, even talking about him makes you angry.
  3. The compare guy-This is the dude that is worse than you in every bloody way. But he always wants to compare with you and be better in the end. this guy is like the boaster, just a bit more annoying. For example, when he is with friends and you are not, then he will kinda teas you. But he has no friends near him and you have no friends as well, then it is like comparing a tiger, which is you, to a cat. This guy always gets good grades only because he is some kind of friend to all the teachers and annoys you by telling you he got a grade. Or when you write a test on your own and he copies the test from clever pupils, he gets happy and again, annoys you by telling you that he has got a good grade. Ii am not gonna continue because i think you get what I am trying to say.

There are loads of more people who you would like to get away from, but I won’t get deeper into that.

So it appears that the end of the school year, is one of the most exciting moments of the year.

For now, as the school is over, I am going to L.A. to visit my uncle and my friends.

Hope you enjoyed the blog, thanks and goodbye!!!



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