Having fun

As you guys know, I am in L.A. now, the city of angels, I have already been here for almost a month and have done a lot of fun stuff. I have met 2 of my best friends-Jean and Marat. As you may know me, Jean and Marat had gone to trampoline park on January, we had loads of fun, and decided to do that again. Unfortunately Jean was not able to join me and Marat so it was only 2 of us. We had a lot of fun, but forgot to take photos 😑😐😬. I mean we took a photo while going to trampoline park in a car. I guess that counts. 

I also hurt my back, and now, it hurts every time I jump. Hopefully my back will be cured until we go back to Armenia so me, Jean and Marat will be able to go all together once again and TAKE PHOTOS. We all met together at Jean’s house, we were just so happy to meet each other again. We played football (soccer) together, played with Jean’s x-box 360. We were so distracted that we forgot to take photos again. But, we will definitely meet all together again and take photos, so be hold.

Besides that I have been meeting Marat a lot more often. The reason I don’t meet Jean so much is because he lives far from where I live. Me and Marat have made a movie trailer with the app iMovie. I tried everything, but I could’ show you the trailer. You should definitely try the app, it is so fun and interesting.

Before yesterday I went to Terranea resort to meet my mom’s friends, one of them was an MTV producer named Karen Frank. Terranea resort was a wonderful place for relaxation. There was a pool for kids there which I swam in. I was so happy because I hadn’t swam in months.

I have gone to McDonalds a few times, which is never seen in Armenia where I live.

Overall it has been an amazing adventure till now and it still hasn’t ended. Thank you for reading my blog and I will meet you later.


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  1. I have never been in L.A I hope I can travel there one day! I hope your back get better soon! Nice post..

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    1. aboutmanvel says:

      Thanks, hope you travel to L.A. one day, it really is a nice place! You have nice blog posts by the way. 🙂😄

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      1. Thank you! I just followed your blog 🙂


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